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Manziel Law Offices represents hospitals and other medical providers and focuses on maximizing healthcare insurance reimbursement from group health plans, such as Aetna, UHC, BCBS, and CIGNA, marketplace plans, ERISA plans, etc.  Hospitals encounter daily dilemmas in obtaining reimbursement from all of these commercial healthcare plans and payers.  Many health insurance plans and payers delay and/or deny payment of healthcare claims that should have paid long ago.   Patients rightfully become impatient when their claims are not paid.  Patients work hard to earn dollars, and they use those hard earned dollars to pay healthcare insurance premiums for peace of mind. After providing medical goods and services, hospitals and other medical providers file the claims with the reasonable expectation of payment for such healthcare goods and services.  The expectation does not include improperly and/or untimely paid claims, but payment in accordance with plan terms and managed care contractual terms.  Accordingly, Manziel Law Offices challenge any and all types of delays, denials, untimely or improperly paid insurance claims.  We focus on maximizing healthcare commercial reimbursement/revenue through not only ensuring the claim is ultimately paid, but we fight to recover any applicable penalties and/or interest associated with delaying and/or denying payment of these medical claims. Additionally, after healthcare claims are paid, healthcare plans and payers may request a refund of claims payment, for various reasons.  Manziel Law Offices challenges those requests using state and federal laws directly impacting medical provider rights to defend against such refund requests, often times made months or years after payment. Timely placement of these claims is imperative in order to ensure the meeting of any and all applicable contractual or statutory deadlines in the appeals and litigation stages.  Manziel Law Offices has proven to be a viable legal resource for healthcare providers for over three decades.